Mac Biskwi Adventures is a 2D platformer that put us into the shoes of a charming monkey called Mac Biskwi living in the peaceful "Biscuits Island", but one day, evil creatures landed there to create disorder! You need to help him to bring peace to his kingdom. A fun game to play with really cool effects, good music and awesome levels! 

Additional notes

- For fans of Donkey Kong Country, Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Adventure Island.
- A funny and exciting journey of a charming little monkey with an unforgettable ending.
- Featuring a gorgeous soundtrack created by Fredrik Häthén.
- A short game (about two/three hours) but we’re adding more levels!



Does the game support controllers?
Yes. Xbox 360 controller, Xbox one controller and Steam controller are supported.

How many people worked in this game?

We are 3 people who created this game! One for music, one for graphics and one for everything else: team leading, game design, level design and programming! We also have 2 awesome people for marketing and social media! In total, we are 5 people who worked in this game!

How long is the game?
About an hour and a half for a quick run-through, 3 hours for completionists and much more for the Hard mode!

Which languages are supported?
English, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, German, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America).


Our Steam page!